10 quick tips to grow your Instagram account followers

10 quick tips to grow your Instagram account followers

Starting a business can be tough. It’s even tougher if you don’t have any customers! The good news is that Instagram offers many ways to grow your business and make more money. Check out this blog post for 10 quick tips to grow your Instagram account followers and make sales!

1. Find people with similar interests as you. Follow them and like their posts to increase your reach

2. Share photos of what you’re selling, but don’t be too pushy! Be sure to include a message in the caption or on Instagram stories about how they can buy it (link)

3. Use hashtags so more people will find your account

4. Post consistently – at least once every day if not twice a day. When posting, give followers something new each time. This could mean including coupons for insta savings when mentioning other products from Instagram feed

5. Schedule out your content instead of going live whenever you feel like it and expecting followers to follow along that way. If there are days you won’t be around or days you will be posting a lot, schedule Instagram stories and posts in advance to help followers know what to expect.

6. Share other people’s content with your audience – don’t hoard all the insta feed for yourself! This helps grow your following because others might like the original poster and follow that person too

7. Tag brands/companies who belong in the same industry as yours so they’ll share it on their account as well

8. Use hashtags sparingly – overuse of hashtags can get annoying, especially when there is no context. It also takes up space on Instagram feeds which makes things less likely for someone scrolling through Instagram (who may not have seen how many photos you’ve already posted) to find your insta.

9. Use emojis! People love them, and they’re a great way to add some color (literally) into your posts

10. Ask questions in the captions of photos you post – this is an easy way for people who are scrolling through Instagram to interact with you – it gets their attention because they want an answer

– Overall, make sure that all content on Instagram is engaging but not overwhelming or spammy!



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